Thorlos® - Should you consider wearing Thorlos? Treat your feet!

Thorlos® are socks…like the Ritz Carlton is a hotel… like BMW is a car… and Disney is a park.

THORLO makes engineered padded socks that matter. We do one thing and only one thing. With a single focus, we can go above and beyond. Here’s how.




The most important ingredient in any endeavor is the people who are involved. And when people are committed to a mission bigger than themselves, magic can happen. Our commitment to something bigger is the spark that sets going "beyond" in motion. At THORLO®, we are southern craftsmen committed to empathically serving the best foot health interests of our loyal customers (current and future). Our aim is to be the "caretakers of the world’s feet," whether that be for a teenager at a grueling two-week basketball camp or a retired person focused on being as active as possible. This is how we think about feet…how they allow you to do what you need and love to do.


Proprietary Fiber Blends

The basic element of our padded socks is our proprietary THORLON® acrylic yarn. It’s the result of 30+ years of research, development and testing. Cotton, wool and silk (all natural fibers) absorb moisture and hold it close to the skin of your foot; for this reason we never use 100% natural fibers. Typical acrylic yarns wick moisture away from your feet, but they tend to “flatten” and mat down after several hours of use. THORLON goes "beyond" the performance characteristics of typical acrylic yarn because it’s exclusively spun to create the highest possible combination of softness and resilience. The designs were patented by THORLO and have yet to be duplicated--wicking and durability that lasts until the day is done.


Activity-Specific Design

The density and placement location of Thorlos protective clinically-tested padding varies by activity to make sure you have protection where you need it--not where you don’t. Although it would be more efficient from a cost/production standpoint for us to use one design for all activities, the reality is that foot kinetics differ among these activities; therefore one design cannot provide you with the best possible foot protection and performance enhancement. That’s why we have invested in the R&D of 32 different applications of our padding for 32 different activities. We know of no other brand that goes to this cost and effort to help you be at your best. We go "beyond" the normal because after 30 years of taking care of all kinds of feet for all kinds of athletes, we know you desire to go "beyond" to do the things you love.


Engineered Padded Technology™

Engineered variable-density padding is our core technology and is the basis for Thorlos protective properties. This unique padding is precisely placed in the anatomical locations where the foot is subjected to repeated friction (shear), pressures and impact forces in order to provide the protection your feet need to assure maximum performance. This is how Thorlos foot protection goes "beyond" what you might expect from regular thick socks or even doubling up with two pairs of socks. Thorlos clinically-tested padding provides a highly protective buffer/gasket between your feet and the hard surfaces inside the shoes.


Consumer Testing

Before any Thorlos product is introduced, it is tested with a large number of highly active participants in the specific activity the product is designed for. The testing continues for as long as needed until we’re absolutely sure that the product is going to deliver the benefits we promise. This is why we can confidently go beyond regular socks and make the brand promise backed by a guarantee that your feet will feelbetter wearing Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS) or your money back!


CTPS (Clinically-Tested Padding) icon Clinically-Tested Padded Socks

Thorlos have credentials. Thorlos are the only padded socks we know of with evidenced-based benefits established by independently conducted peer-reviewed published clinical research. The padding in Thorlos has been clinically shown to reduce:

  • blisters
  • foot pain
  • pressures
  • moisture

So while many brands claim superiority in all sorts of ways, Thorlos go "beyond" with benefits that have been shown in clinical studies. This allows us to make the promise your feet will feel better or your money back.


Engineered Lite Padded Socks

For feet that don’t hurt during or after you participate in your activity, THORLO makes thinner or Lite padded socks that provide protection with less weight. Thorlos Lite Padded and Experia® Lite Padded socks offer more protection than other thin socks on the market. Experia is a real hybrid when it comes to sock design—a design that goes "beyond" anything in the market. Experia starts with an ultra-lightweight frame. Specially sculpted THORLO pads are placed in the ball and heel to provide protection from impact and friction/shear in the foot's strike zones. Experia eliminates all but the most essential padding. Thorlos Lite padded socks and Experia have not been clinically tested.


Guaranteed for Your Lifetime!

If you are unhappy with this product at any time, return for exchange.


Should you ever need it, Thorlos Customer Care Center will welcome any question you have. Going above and beyond is standard practice. We invite you to experience the level of care you’ll receive by giving us a call at 1-888-846-7567 Monday thru Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern.

Whether your feet hurt or not, we’re confident that if you experience Thorlos engineered foot protection, you’ll become a loyal customer for life. So our promise to you is:

  • better feeling feet
  • less foot pain and foot fatigue
  • ability to stay active longer
  • More Life! (better quality of life).

This is why Thorlos is Beyond Socks