TX Tennis Socks Foot Protection with THOR•LON®

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Your Feet will Feel Better
or Your Money Back®

Designed for feet that hurt. Enjoying tennis and playing harder, longer and for a lifetime with the ultimate in foot protection. Fast starts, fast stops and lateral movements on the court cause pain and stress on your feet. Specifically engineered to deliver maximum protection and comfort for any player who is prone to blisters, foot pain or discomfort.

  • Constructed with THOR•LON® fibers for superior softness, resilience, durability, and moisture-wicking for drier, better feeling feet.
  • Cushioned instep and arch for a better fit, more support and less pressure on feet for a more comfortable game.
  • Low profile toe seam won’t rub or irritate feet.
  • Padding extends over the toes for more protection against fast stops and lateral movement.
  • Unique padding specifically engineered for tennis, clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture for maximum protection.

Fiber Contents | 88% Exclusive THOR•LON® Acrylic | 10% Stretch nylon | 2% Spandex

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  • 5/ 5

    Best socks for playing tennis!!!

    04/21/14 | By

    Excellent protection, comfort, it is really a great product.

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks for quick movement

    04/20/14 | By

    I got these Thorlo's because I was trying to find a sock that would help with my tennis movement and comfort to the toes and heel. Now when I play tennis, I feel like I am walking on clouds! Great socks to reduce pain and discomfort in the toe and heel area.

  • 5/ 5

    padded socks for tennis

    04/18/14 | By

    like walking on air

  • 5/ 5

    Mr. Mike Kern

    04/17/14 | By

    I think Thorlo socks are the best. But I've thought that way for many years now. They're about the only socks I'll wear, seriously. So please keep up the great work.

  • 5/ 5


    04/11/14 | By

    These socks are like walking on clouds!

  • 5/ 5


    04/11/14 | By

    Great socks, I will buy some more.

  • 5/ 5

    great socks for playing squash!

    04/05/14 | By

    excellent cushioning and comfort..

  • 5/ 5

    Fantastic Tennis Socks!!

    04/04/14 | By

    These tennis socks are outstanding. Very comfortable!!

  • 4/ 5

    Great for being comfy.

    04/04/14 | By

    I preferred these as lounge socks, kinda like slippers. They kept my feet warm and were cushy. However, for workouts, they make my feet too hot and the terry cloth-type bottom of the sock was irritating to the skin during exercise. Too bumpy or something. I has the same type of sensation when I tried Crocs, with their massaging bumpy bottom. Maybe the sensory feedback for me is just too much.

  • 5/ 5

    Problems with quality control

    04/03/14 | By

    The socks are wonderful. However, in the past year or two the tops of all of my pairs begind to unravel within a short amount of time. No amount of clipping off the unraveling strings stops the problem. I've had these socks for many years and never had this problem. For and almost $15.00 sock, this is really unexpected and will infuence my choice of my next socks when these eventually become useless.

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