SKX Ski Socks Foot Protection with THOR•LON® and THOR•WICK® Blend

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Your Feet will Feel Better
or Your Money Back®

Designed for feet that hurt. Providing a comfort fit for skiers on easy to varied terrain who wear rental boots to ensure maximum warmth, protection, comfort and best fit.

  • Exclusive THOR•LON® and THOR•WICK® blend for maximum WICKING because a dry foot is a warm foot.
  • Cushioned arch for better fit (Spandex for support).
  • Thick cushioning in ball and heel for WARMTH, SHEAR PROTECTION and COMFORT.
  • Cushioned shin and instep PROTECTS AGAINST SHIN BITE.
  • Ventilation panel for BETTER AIR CIRCULATION.

Fiber Contents | 59% Exclusive THOR•LON® Acrylic | 2% Spandex | 39% THOR•WICK®

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  • 5/ 5

    Warm &" binding" ski socks

    02/19/15 | By

    Warm and snug

  • 3/ 5

    Thorlo’s XSKI Extreme Ski Socks, the BEST ever!!! Now discontinued :( Bring them back please!

    02/05/15 | By

    My feet are a U.S. Men’s Size: 10, medium to narrow with and I need good arch support and cushioning for comfort and to take up some volume for a good snug proper fit, I am an ex-Soccer player so I love a glove like fit regarding my footwear. I where Nikes sneakers, Asolo Hiking Boots, SIDI Cycling Shoes & Motorcycle Boots, and Atomic Ski Boots. Thorlo’s XSKI Extreme Ski Socks are #1 The BEST Ski Socks ever!!! BUT they have been Discontinued :( and again another one of my classic favorites the #2 SLW Ski Wool/Silk Socks have been discontinued :( If you need cushioning go with these, they are thick - great for loose ski boots. My favorite Ski/Winter socks have been discontinued so I am NOT happy at all and neither are my feet! I have owned and worn Thorlo’s SLW Ski Wool/Silk Socks for years they last and last. I also sold tons of them when I worked at a Ski, Snowboard & Boat Shop, that is the most important piece of gear when going skiing - a great pair of Thorlo’s. I am so bummed out that Thorlo just discontinued all my other favorite adventure socks :( listed below. Thorlo PLEASE bring my favorite socks back!!! Discontinued :( XSKI Extreme Ski Socks, Color: Charcoal/Black = Skiing, Shoveling Snow & Winter Motorcycling Awesomeness! Discontinued :( XWXU Experia Wool Silk Crew Socks, Color: Charcoal = Hiking, Fall/Winter Trail Running and Casual Awesomeness! Discontinued :( XCXU-12-073 - Experia Crew Socks, Color: Black/White = Spring/Fall Hiking, Spring/Fall/Winter Trail Running and Casual Awesomeness! WLTH Light Hiking Socks in Color: Charcoal Discontinued :( MADE In USA make me happy :) but Thorlo you guys keep discontinuing every pair of socks I love, what am I going to wear on my feet now???

  • 3/ 5

    LOVE these long socks, except for

    02/05/15 | By

    I love these knee-length ski socks and would normally give every Thorlo item a 5-star rating. Except a better design for the top needs to be created. After washing these socks only once, the threads begin to unravel and break free. I now have 4 pairs of these knee-high socks and each pair is unraveling at the top and they lose their ability to stay up. PLEASE come up with a new design! None of your other products do this - just these knee-high styles.

  • 5/ 5

    Diabetic, great socks for us.

    01/01/15 | By


  • 5/ 5

    My winter favorite

    12/19/14 | By

    I love these socks...I don't use them for winter sports, I just love the cushioning.

  • 5/ 5


    12/12/14 | By

    dry ... warm

  • 5/ 5

    a great sock for taller boot styles, like wellingtons

    06/20/14 | By

    i have an ancient pair of these socks (purchased for snowboarding) and like them very much. i recently purchased a pair of 11" tall wellington boots and found my conventional hiking socks too short -- i could feel the top edge of the boot on my bare skin. I thus purchased four pairs of these ski socks to deal with that. these are great socks . . . well made and nicely padded. if i had a criticism it would be that i have rather thin calves and the sock slides down after a while. It's not that they fit loosely, per se -- maybe that they simply aren't tight enough for my calf size. a small quibble. though they are not cheap, i would buy these socks again without reservation.

  • 5/ 5

    Really good sock for skiing

    03/07/14 | By

    The socks were a gift specifically requested due to their quality.

  • 5/ 5

    simply great

    02/26/14 | By

    They are so comfortable. Their not itchy like most wool socks. Their very breathable. I use email all the time even just around the house. I would seriously buy then again. And you can't beat the price.

  • 4/ 5

    Good socks, not as good as they used to be!

    02/03/14 | By

    I have a ten or twelve year old pair that were made of better material in the arches and back panel, and are still more comfortable and less itchy than the new, stretchy recycled synthetic material. Too bad the quality was compromised. Other than the poor quality material, the socks fit great with the right amount of tension in the arch and upper calf area.

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