KAMX Kid's Sport Socks Foot Protection THOR•LON®

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Your Feet will Feel Better
or Your Money Back®

Designed for feet that hurt. Enjoying sports on the court or the field where aggressive activities cause moderate to significant stress on young feet. Specifically engineered for comfort and durability and to provide maximum protection for any child prone to blisters, foot pain, or discomfort.

  • Constructed with THOR•LON® fibers for superior softness, resilience, durability, and moisture-wicking for drier, better feeling feet.
  • Cushioning over the toes for addition protection during fast starts and stops.
  • Flat knit instep and cushioning in arch for better fit, more support and less pressure on the feet for more comfort.
  • Low profile toe seam won’t rub or irritate the feet.
  • Unique padding specifically engineered for active sports, clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture for maximum protection.

Fiber Contents | 84% Exclusive THOR•LON® Acrylic | 12% Stretch nylon | 4% Spandex

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  • 5/ 5

    kids crew socks


    My son, only 3 years old, loves wearing these wonderful socks. He prefers thorlos over other brands of socks. I love that these socks don't strangle my sons ankles, they are luxurious and well thought out.

  • 5/ 5

    I love Thorlos!


    Even though I am a 59 year old woman, I still have childlike feet. (My shoe size is a children's size 2.) I have struggled to find socks that fit my feet, as sock manufacturers seem to want to make socks fit a lot of sizes when they are dealing with children's shoe sizes. This is understandable since children's feet seem to grow quickly, and what fit two months ago, might be kind of snug today. Size 2 seems to be in the wrong place for comfort. Either the socks are too large and bulk up in my shoes, or they are very tight, causing pain in the tips of my toes. Occasionally I could find socks that fit comfortably, but they seemed to be short-lived and disappeared from the market very quickly. Now, however, I have found Thorlo. I am very happy with these socks and other types I have purchased from Thorlo, as they fit comforably, PLUS they provide padding under my soles, making each step a thoughtless activity, since there is no discomfort or pain involved! Yay, Thorlo! Please don't change the sizing of your kid's socks—at least until after I die! :^)—as they are great for me just the way they are!

  • 1/ 5

    Holes in socks


    I was recently informed by a thorlos customer service person that you have to, have to being key wear shoes for their warranty to be honored. We purchased 12 pairs for my son a couple months ago and probably half the pairs have holes in them. I called after we spotted the first hole. And after they told me he had to wear shoes, which he's not allowed to in the house so our carpet stays neat, they would replace one pair. Then I got the lecture on they weren't covered. I was also asked if I purchased the right size of sock to make sure his foot fit in properly, which I did. I will not be buying anymore socks because of the amount of money that we spent a couple months ago went down the drain for socks that didn't last him long.

  • 5/ 5

    Small feet need socks


    Bought these socks for my wife who wears a size 2 shoe. She has had others before and loves them. She wishes, though, that they would come all white as the blue doesn't always go well with some of her outfits when she occasionally will wear socks with her sandals.

  • 5/ 5

    best socks for walking


    These socks are a wonderful alternative for women who have small feet. None of the adult sizes currently on the market fit properly; they're too big! Try them, you'll love them too. Kathi

  • 5/ 5

    best socks for walking


    These socks are a wonderful alternative for women who have small feet. None of the adult sizes currently on the market fit properly; they're too big! Try them, you'll love them too. Kathi

  • 5/ 5

    My Son loved these socks!


    I ordered these socks for my son (11) and he loves them! Very soft and comfy. He wants another pair so he can wear them every day.

  • 5/ 5

    great for playing tennis


    My 11 year old boy play tennis and He said he can not feel them the socks are great

  • 5/ 5

    Best exercise socks


    A lot of cushion, washes well, wicks moisture beautifully and fits great. My only wish is that they offered different styles such as the ankle roll and different colors for boys and girls.

  • 5/ 5

    Best socks for small adult feet!


    Regular socks bunch up on my adult women's size 5 feet. These socks fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Plenty of cushioning.

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