Men's Experia Compression Socks

Absolutely the Best Running Compression Sock Made with Plantar Fascia Support

Preform stronger, recover faster.

Experia® ENERGY is the most technically advanced performance sock in the world. It is the perfect blend of:

  • Graduated Compression to enhance circulation and support the plantar fascia
  • Copper Fiber Technology for exceptional anti-odor and anti-fungal protection
  • Ankle and Arch Support for added stability
  • Thorlos® cushioning in the critical strike zones of the forefoot and heel and Achilles to help keep impact pain, rubbing  and chaffing at bay.


Graduated Compression

Experia ENERGY features Triple-Zone Graduated Compression, which creates specific and differentiated compression gradation starting with the most intense compression in the foot/ankle, decreasing across the lower leg with the least intensity in the calf.

               ENHANCED WARM-UP:  Improves muscle efficiency and prepares muscles for exercise.

               ENHANCED PERFORMANCE:  This will stimulate and enhance blood flow resulting in increased endurance.

               ENHANCED RECOVERY:  Speed recovery as it reduces lactic acid build-up resulting in less foot and leg fatigue and soreness and ultimately reduced chance of injury.


CuTEC® Copper Fiber Technology

CueTEC® Copper Ion Technology unlike other coper socks, is PERMANENTLY incorporated into the fibers used for Experia ENERGY. It provides multiple benefits:

            ANTI-ODOR:  Reduces foot odor

            ANTI-FUNGAL:  Reduces fungus

            RESTORATION:  Helps restore skin cells for healthier skin texture, tone and skin wellness