Hiking Socks

Hiking Puts Your Feet at Risk

Whether you’re a “weekend warrior” or long-distance hiker, no matter how acclimated your feet are to the trail, something always can happen that puts your feet at risk for a blister or other injury. Don’t just cover your feet; protect them with Thorlos clinically-tested padded hiking socks. Thorlos padding has been shown in independent research studies to reduce not only blisters, but also foot pain, pressures that can lead to skin abrasions, and moisture (which promotes blister formation and creates an environment for fungal infections). To further reduce moisture, Thorlos are made with THORLON®, a proprietary synthetic fiber that is superior at both moving moisture away from your feet and staying resilient throughout the day, and THOR•WICK®COOL, also known for its excellent moisture-wicking properties.

For Every Terrain

When you hike, your feet are subjected to a repetitive heel-to-toe motion, and that motion often is interrupted by steep ascents, scrambling across rocks and boulders, downhill stretches, and even off-trail excursions (planned or not!) that can involve dramatic changes in terrain. And, of course, depending on the time of year and geographic location, the temperature can range from 100+ degrees to sub-zero.

“After trying a lot of other socks, the only ones that I will buy are Thor-Lon hikers. Wool irritates my feet, and only the Thorlo cushioning keeps me cruising the woods.” Paul S.

Made Specifically for Hiking

To enjoy hiking more and to be able to do it day after day, trip after trip, you need to protect your feet from its rigors with the most protective hiking socks available. The variable-density padding of Thorlos engineered padded socks (thicker in the ball and heel areas and less dense in the arch) follows the anatomical design of your feet. It protects the weight-bearing areas and reduces the chances of chafing, blistering and skin injuries caused by the pressure, impact and shear forces that constantly act on your feet when you’re hiking.

Our padded hiking socks are available in a range of styles that work on all terrains, in all climates and for all intensities—wool blends for warmth and synthetic blends (THORLON, THOR•WICK®COOL) for maximum wicking in summer--as well as multiple weights of padding so you can get just what you need for the specific terrain, weather, and level of hiking you prefer. Our women’s clinically-tested hiking socks also feature elastic around the ankle for added support, a smaller heel pocket and a custom toe box to provide a better fit for a woman’s foot.

"I love to be in the outdoors, so my wife and I have a standing date every Saturday morning to go on a different hike each week. The problem is I'm 59 years old and overweight. So my boots and socks take all the abuse. I always got blisters when I wore cotton athletic socks. Now that I bought a few pairs of Thorlos hiking socks I don't get blisters, so we've been able to go father and on more difficult hikes and really enjoying the outdoors again." Tom S.

“These socks cushion my feet in all the right places. They provide warmth without suffocation. The Thorlon-wool blend eliminates "wool rash" on my ankles. I bought my first hikers in 2007 and in 2010 I ordered more. I won't hike or camp without them. All my Thorlos are still wearing well and they always outlast me on the trail. Great company, great socks!” Mary G.

When properly fitted with your hiking boots or trail shoes, Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks for hiking will protect your feet on any terrain, in any climate.

If you don’t experience pain while hiking or after hiking, and prefer maximum protection and lighter weight, try Thorlos Lite padded socks. They’re available in men’s, women’s and unisex styles in a variety of blended fabrics.

Curious but not yet convinced whether Thorlos CTPS can help you address your foot pain? We invite you to try your first pair free…just paying shipping and handling.

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From the Street to the Summit

The Thorlos outdoor line offers everything you need from the “street to the summit”…from styles that are great for greenway walking to styles that have been used to summit Everest – and everything in between.

For the Street: Our Street products are designed for feet that don’t hurt on pavement to hard-pack trails, for use with performance running or trail running footwear: Experia®, UHLX featuring THOR•WICK®COOL

Our products for the Trail, Approach and Summit all use clinically-tested padding, which is recommended if you experience foot pain during or after participating or if you want to prevent any foot conditions.

For the Trail: Relatively flat to rolling terrain, carrying day pack, for use with mid- or light-duty boots, trail runners or low-cut hikers: LTH, WLTH, TRMX, TRHXM and TRHXW padded hiking socks featuring THORLON, THOR•WICK®COOL and Merino wool

For the Approach: Challenging terrain, carrying pack with 20 pounds or more, for use with mid-duty boots: KX, KXW, KLT padded hiking socks featuring Thorlon and wool blend

For the Summit: Extreme climates (sub-zero weather), difficult terrain, heavy packs, for use with mid-duty or heavy-duty boots: TKX, ST trekking and mountaineering padded socks featuring THORLON and wool blend.

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“I was a dyed-in-the-wool fan of pure wool socks till I found these.” Jesse S.


With Thorlos, we promise: Your feet will feel better or your money back®!

Employee Favorite

“I started backpacking nearly 40 years ago. After a long layoff, I hit the trails again and have been hiking and backpacking for more than seven years now. The KLT gives me the versatility I need for whatever I encounter. It’s protective enough for me to carry up to a 30-pound pack, and warm enough for most weather I encounter 9 or 10 months of the year. The wool content provides excellent insulation, and if I use it with a liner, it’s perfect even for warmer weather. I have experimented with a lot of different styles and combinations with and without liners, and will continue to do so. But so far I have always come back to the KLT.” Rick Mende, Business Development / Product Performance

Reviews for Thorlos HIKING

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: TRHXM


    07/22/17 | By

    irritated that I am forced to write comments in order to rate socks. If I just want to pick the "I love these socks!" and rate excellent (10) why do you DEMAND I write a title and give written comments? Much as I may like or dislike them they are SOCKS!! I'm not rating a car. This may not change my sock rating, but it certainly does affect my satisfaction. it is unlikely I will comment in the future unless it is negative. Unhappy customers will gladly jump through hoops to let you know they are unhappy, but happy customers are much less likely to do so.

  • 3 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    quality fine - size not

    07/22/17 | By

    thorlo needs to size the socks correctly. the recent order only covers my heel with more effort than I would like, and the ankle coverage is so low that it barely covers the heel on my shoes, and I am getting sun burns in these locations

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: KX

    Best hiking socks for old feet

    07/22/17 | By

    They are comfortable and they cushion my old feet when ever I have them on. Over the years, I have tried others but I keep coming back to them and I will never try another brand. If I am going to be on my feet , I put on myThorlos. They last a long time.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: TRHXM

    Great walkin and hikin sox.

    07/21/17 | By

    These really help the shoes fit better, and give a great support where my old feet need it most. Thanks!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ULHX

    Light, but strong.

    07/21/17 | By

    They feel great on the instep, heel and toes. I'm an old guy, and my feet need this luxury. Well worth waiting for.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: LTH

    great for everything

    07/21/17 | By

    I feel like my feet are smiling.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    excellent fit

    07/21/17 | By

    thank you for great quality!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: KX

    Thorlos are my everyday socks.

    07/19/17 | By

    I am on my feet a lot and Thorlos make my feet more comfortable.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCXU

    Best socks for skatboarding

    07/18/17 | By

    Great fit and just the right amount of cushion to soften impact yet keep good board feel.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    Walking long distance

    07/17/17 | By

    My feet feel like they are in a soft bed. Very comfortable and cushions in just the right places.