Foot Protection

Padded Moisture Management Socks


Protect your feet with clinically-tested moisture management.

  • Clinically demonstrated effective moisture management – keeps the root cause of many unwanted foot conditions in check.
  • Available in two padding weights: Clinically-tested padding and Lite padding
  • Two proven wicking technologies: THORLON® and THOR•WICK® COOL.
  • Thorlos Brand Promise Guarantee: Your feet will feel better or your money back.*
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These are just a few who are experiencing less foot pain

Preventive Foot Health is the Cornerstone of Preventive Health

Preventive health care (called “wellness” today) is essential to quality of life -- health is wealth. Visit to learn more about any foot conditions that are keeping you from experiencing More Life!

Keeping Your Feet Dry Means Keeping Your Feet Healthy

For optimal foot health in the enclosed environment of a shoe, it’s essential that moisture created by perspiration be pulled away from your foot, out to your sock, then out to the shoe and finally, to the outside environment, where it evaporates. If this is not achieved and your sock retains moisture, the stage is set for such foot problems as:

  • blisters
  • fungal infections such as athletes foot
  • smelly feet
  • bacterial infections
  • trench foot in prolonged situations.


Moisture-Management Technologies to Help Protect The Foot

At THORLO we use two proven fiber technologies in our padded socks to move or manage moisture in the enclosed environment of the shoe.

THOR-LON is our primary moisture-management yarn. It’s a proprietary acrylic yarn exclusively developed for constructing the padding in our Thorlos product line. With cotton and other natural fibers like wool, perspiration is “trapped” in the shoe because natural fibers hold moisture as opposed to wicking it away. Further, natural fibers flatten or crush when subjected to the body’s weight, making them act like sand paper when subjected to friction. Conversely, THOR-LON acrylic yarn is specially spun to maintain both softness and resilience to maximize its wicking capacity, comfort properties, blister reduction qualities and durability. Click this hot link to see the Thorlos product collection.

THOR•LON® Acrylic description and cross-section

THOR•WICK® COOL is a well known high performance yarn which has a very unique four-channeled design that produces an extremely soft cotton-like feel with highly effective moisture transport qualities. In comparison testing, it’s also been proven to produce a cooler skin temperature than other yarns. We use THOR•WICK® COOL in our Experia and Thorlos Lite Padded socks—in fact, we have a higher percentage of THOR•WICK® COOL in our designs than other socks do. Check out the Experia THOR•WICK® COOL product collection.


Clinically-Tested Padding Protection

Thorlos are made with a dense padding constructed of THOR-LON yarn. The acrylic fibers transport the perspiration away from the skin on your foot with its wicking properties. The result is a healthy or optimal moisture environment that results in significantly drier foot perception compared to cotton socks as demonstrated in independent clinical research.

Additionally, the padding in Thorlos clinically-tested socks has been shown to reduce not only moisture, but also:

  • blisters
  • foot pain
  • pressures on the feet


Fit is Important

Your activity-specific shoe, your Thorlos padded sock, any insert or orthotic you or your foot professional might choose, and your foot work together as a system. It’s critical for you to get the correct fit to optimize your performance and protection. Read our fitting protocol here and watch our fitting video to be sure you are getting the best possible fit.

*30-Day Brand Promise Guarantee

Thorlos CTPS deliver on our brand promise guarantee: Your feet will feel better or your money back!®


Made in the USA

Thorlos are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about our craft and commitment to retaining our manufacturing in the USA, we invite you to watch our video entitled “An American Brand Story.”