The Design of Thorlos Padded Golf Socks

Design of Thorlos Padded Golf Socks

We designed our Thorlos golf socks based on a five-element design matrix. These elements assure your feet are properly protected and will feel better when you walk the five plus miles required during a round of golf.  The matrix includes:

  • Shoe construction;
  • Foot kinetics – the way your feet move;
  • Surfaces you’ll encounter;
  • Climate; and
  • Consumer testing.

 Together, these elements ensure Thorlos clinically-tested padded golf socks will deliver the guaranteed benefits and provide you with all the foot protection you need to enjoy your game. 

The Shoe & The Last

Thorlos are designed to work within your golf shoes. We factor in the effects of cleats on foot comfort and look at the shape of the golf shoe; the materials the shoes are made of; the breathability of those materials; the hardness of the soles; and the taper to the toe box.

Foot Kinetics

We know that in golf, the repetitive stress of walking,  of simply being on your feet for several hours, can take a toll on your feet. That’s why we put extra padding in the heel and forefoot of our padded golf socks. This padding, made from our exclusive THORLON® yarn, is designed to absorb impact similar to the way a catcher’s mitt absorbs a fastball.

The engineered padding reduces blisters and other foot conditions that could interfere with your game. The padding also absorbs shear forces, which occur when your foot slides or rubs against the hard surfaces inside your golf shoe.


While most golfers love to play on sunny, 70-degree days with about 40 percent humidity, the reality is that many great golf courses are in the sunbelt. That means playing for hours in hot humid weather, with perspiration rolling down your legs and off your feet. Here again, Thorlos can help.  

Thorlos are designed to wick moisture. Our unique yarns and fabric blends wick moisture away from your foot to the outside of your shoe, where it can evaporate. Thorlos clinically-tested padded golf socks will maintain their resilience and protective properties; they will not get saturated with perspiration.


With the design matrix in place, we’ll create a prototype. A small group of in-house people who play golf will put the initial prototype to the test. Typically, there’s some tweaking-and then a larger test. We continue to test the product over and over again, until we’re absolutely sure that it’s going to deliver the benefits that we promise. That’s how we guarantee your feet will feel better or your money back!

Importance of Proper Fitting

Now remember, the golf shoe, the Thorlos padded golf sock, and your foot work together as a system. It’s really important that you get the right fit. So, I encourage you to watch our fitting video.

What Independent Clinical Studies Say About Thorlos

What differentiates us from other socks is our padding. It’s our core technology. The magic is on the inside!  Once you have the sock inside out, you will notice several things… Notice how lofty the terry loop is, how dense the padding is, and if you squeeze the padding, you will feel how resilient it is. We use our exclusive THORLON yarn so moisture is wicked away to ensure a healthy environment for your feet. 

Clinical Testing & Results

In the early years we received overwhelming positive response to the product. It came from consumers, health care and sports medicine professionals. Our padded socks allowed people to participate in their chosen activity longer than they had thought possible, and in many cases, pain-free. Health care and sports medicine professionals told us they were recommending our padded socks to their patients who experienced foot pain or other foot conditions. So when medical researchers asked us to test our padded socks, we took that opportunity. Over the past 20 years, our padding has been the subject of eight independent clinical research studies that were subsequently published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

 Engineered Foot Protection

The results showed that our padding reduces foot pain, blisters and other foot conditions by absorbing impact loads and shearing forces, reducing pressures on the foot, and also by wicking (or moving) moisture away from the foot. We use this same clinically-tested padding in all of our products designated with the padded sock with cross icon. These are made in activity-specific designs for people whose feet hurt during or after their activity—perfect for anyone who wants maximum protection to reduce the chances of injury and premature loss of fat pads.

 Lite Padding

We also offer Lite Padded Socks—these are socks with thinner padding but certainly more padding than any thin socks on the market. These are for people whose feet do not hurt during or after their activity. Experia, with its specially sculpted Lite pads and its ultra lightweight sock frame is a great choice if you’re looking for an aerodynamic fit and protection without weight.