Sore Feet Protection

Sore Feet

Research shows that most people’s feet become sore when they do intense activities. It’s also quite common with people who stand on their feet all day especially if they stand on concrete or hard surfaces.  While the pain may not be intense, it’s still aggravating enough to detract from your focus, enjoyment and the satisfaction you derive from doing the things you love to do.  At THORLO, we make a distinction between “soreness” and “pain”… pain is an indication that you may have an injury.  Soreness is simply the natural result of the rigors of participating without the proper Thorlos padded socks and shoes fitted to your feet. Pain may prevent you from participating; but soreness doesn’t have to.

Thorlos clinically-tested padding can help. Thorlos padding protects your feet from the rigors of high-stress participation, and is clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture. This padding also helps to reduce soreness that results from intense activities and standing and walking on hard surfaces all day.

The net effect: You can play longer, with less pain and greater enjoyment, and enjoy your home life more after work.

Our promise is that Thorlos WILL MAKE YOUR FEET FEEL BETTER or your money back.