Callus Protection


Calluses are caused by the same forces that cause blisters. Calluses protect the skin from the repetitive pressures and friction forces that occur between the foot and the shoe. Calluses may be preceded by blisters, and actually are a sign of improper ordinary socks, shoe fit or footwear design. The risk of developing calluses increases with vigorous activities such as running, playing tennis or basketball and even fitness walking.

Thorlos clinically-tested padding can help.

Thorlos padding is clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture.. This padding protects the skin and fat pads in the areas of the feet where calluses are likely to form by helping to reduce the intense pressures and friction forces between the foot and the shoes. The net effect:  You can play longer, with less pain and greater enjoyment.

Our promise is that Thorlos will make YOUR FEET FEEL BETTER or your money back.