Black Toe Protection

Black Toe

Black toe is not a deadly disease. It’s a fairly common condition occurring more frequently with runners and hikers. Basically, it’s a bruise under the toenail, usually of the big toe.  It’s caused by trauma from impact to the toe and nail, which produces bleeding under the nail and causes the nail to become discolored (turning from blue to black).  Black toe can result from the normal pressures that occur in running, or from the toe banging against the front of the toe box inside a shoe that is too small. 

Thorlos clinically-tested padding can help.

The best way to help prevent black toe is to make sure you wear Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks that are properly fitted. A shoe that’s too small can cause your longest toe to bang against the front of the toe box. A shoe that is too large can cause your foot to slide uncontrollably, with the same effect. Thorlos padding has been clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture as well as protect the ends of the toes from impact.  The net effect: You can play longer, and have a much more enjoyable experience doing it.

Our promise is that Thorlos WILL MAKE YOUR FEET FEEL BETTER or your money back.