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Feet don’t have to hurt. Try Thorlos… Your feet will feel better or your money back!®

The content on this page has been reviewed by Dr. Kevin Soden MD, THORLO’s Chief Medical Officer, and Jerome Gallenstein, THORLO’s Staff Certified & Licensed Pedorthist

  • Clinically shown to reduce foot pain and the pressures that can lead to sore feet.
  • Activity-specific designs place protective engineered padding precisely where the movements of a sport/activity put the greatest stress and strain on the foot.
  • THOR-LON® yarn maintains its resilience, assuring all day comfort.
  • Thorlos® Promise: Your feet will feel better or we’ll give you your money back.*
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These are just a few who are experiencing less foot pain and soreness

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Alleviate Your Sore Foot Pain with Thorlos Clinically-Tested Padded Socks (CTPS)

How Thorlos Help

Sometimes you just can’t tell why your feet are sore. There’s no overt reason: no trauma or injury, no diagnosed foot condition to blame, no sharp pain…just a dull chronic soreness that prevents you from enjoying your day. Thorlos can help! We place our patented engineered padding under the toes, the metatarsal bone heads, throughout the arch and under the heels of your feet. When you wear Thorlos CTPS pressure and the effects of impact and shear on the bottom of the feet are all reduced.Minimizing foot soreness is essential to your mobility and doing what you need and love to do.

The padding in Thorlos CTPS has been clinically shown to:

  • reduce the pressures that can lead to sore feet
  • reduce foot pain
  • reduce the size and occurrence of blisters, and
  • wick moisture that sets the stage for many other foot conditions.

How to help sore feet? Thorlos CTPS padding is clinically shown to relieve Foot pain & Sore Feet

The padding in Thorlos is constructed with our proprietary THORLON® acrylic yarn. It’s the result of 30+ years of research, development and testing. Cotton, wool and silk (all natural fibers) absorb moisture and hold it close to the skin of your foot; for this reason, we never use 100% natural fibers. Typical acrylic yarns wick moisture away from your feet, but they tend to “flatten” and mat down after several hours of use. THORLON goes beyond the performance characteristics of typical acrylic yarn because it’s exclusively spun to create the highest possible combination of softness and resilience. The designs were patented by THORLO and have yet to be duplicated--wicking and durability that lasts until the day is done.

The net result: Profound Comfort®. If you are reluctant to see if Thorlos CTPS can alleviate your foot pain, we invite you to try your first pair free by clicking the link below; pay only shipping and handling.

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Thorlos Engineered Padding closeup.  This is how to help your sore foot.


What causes Sore Feet?

Soreness can affect any part of the feet. It’s usually just an annoyance, but if it worsens and becomes real pain, it can have more serious consequences, especially if it impacts your work, exercise or recreational activities.

The weight-bearing areas of our feet are protected on the plantar surface (bottoms of the feet) by thick fat pads. These fat pads start out thick and protective, but by the time we reach our mid-thirties, they begin to deteriorate and lose their protective capability. By age 50, many of us have lost as much as half of the fat padding in the ball and heel areas. Other physiological changes in the feet (weakening of muscles, loss of resiliency of tendons and ligaments, and spreading of the feet due to weight gain) combine with this fat pad loss to make the feet more vulnerable to soreness and pain.


How to Help Sore Feet - The Role of Proper Footwear Fitting

Poorly fitted footwear is an important contributing factor to foot pain. The foot is dynamic—meaning it gets longer and wider as we walk or run. When we fit our shoes, we may not allow for this dynamic action. Our feet also swell as the day goes, on especially if we move around a lot on hard surfaces. Learn how to get the best self-assisted fit by watching our fitting video or reading our tips sheet.


Brand Promise Guarantee

Try Now at No Risk to You. THORLO stands behind all its foot-protection products. Our brand promise: Your feet will feel better or your money back!®


Remember, ALWAYS consult your physician if your foot pain persists, or if you have any reason to suspect that your foot pain is the result of a more serious condition.