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Padded Socks for Heel Spurs


Protect your painful heel spurs with Thorlos padded socks for heel spurs. Your feet will thank you!

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  • The padding in Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS) cradle the heel, providing a comforting layer of protection under and on the back of the heel--precisely where painful heel spurs form.
  • Thorlos CTPS engineered padding has been clinically shown to reduce foot pain and the pressures that can result in sore achy feet.
  • Thorlos® Promise: Your feet will feel better or we’ll give you your money back.
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These are just a few who are experiencing less foot pain associated with their Heel Spurs

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Thorlos Padding Reduces Foot Pain

How Thorlos Help

Pain emanating from the bottom of your heel can be caused by many different things. But often it’s because little calcium deposits form on the bottom of the heel bone. These small bony prominences, called “spurs,” can be painful when they extend into otherwise unprotected parts of the foot, rubbing against nearby tissues and nerves or extending into connective tissues.Bone spurs on the back of the heel are also fairly common. This is where the specially designed and engineered padding in Thorlos CTPS can make a big difference in your foot comfort.

Thorlos CTPS padding is clinically shown to reduce pressure and impact that causes painful, sore feet. Heel spurs are no match for Thorlo's socks for heel spurs.

The engineered padding in Thorlos CTPS cradles the heel and adds a comforting layer of protection under the heel and on the back of the heel, where painful heel spurs often form. If you suffer from heel spurs, your feet will thank you for wrapping Thorlos CTPS around them.

The padding density varies, depending on the part of the foot we’re protecting. Where the shear and impact forces are extreme—usually in the ball and heel—the padding is more dense to buffer against those forces, helping to reduce foot aches and pain. The padding is particularly dense where your foot experiences the effects of peak friction or shearing forces. Less dense padding is used in the arch area for a secure fit. Our core Engineered Padded Technology® is adjusted based on foot kinetics (how feet move) in specific sports and activities..

Thorlos Engineered Padding closeup

Thorlos Clinically-Tested Padding

The padding in Thorlos CTPS is clinically shown to:

The result is protection and comfort for people who suffer from heel spurs. We are so convinced your feet will love the protection and comfort provided by Thorlos CTPS, we’ll send you your first pair free. All you need to do is pay shipping and handling. What do you have to lose?

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How Proper Footwear Fitting Can Help Reduce Heel Spur Pain

Proper fitting is always important to foot health and comfort. We strongly recommend you learn how to get the best fit by watching our fitting video or reading our tips sheet.

Thorlos CTPS Brand Promise Guarantee

Try Now at No Risk to You. THORLO stands behind all its foot-protection products. Our brand promise: Your feet will feel better or your money back!®


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Remember, ALWAYS consult your physician if have chronic foot pain, or if you have any reason to suspect that your foot pain is the result of a more serious condition.