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Padded Socks for Hammer Toe / Hammertoes


Love your toes again! Thorlos padded socks will alleviate the pain causing pressure associated with hammer, mallet and claw toes.

The content on this page has been reviewed by Dr. Kevin Soden MD, THORLO’s Chief Medical Officer, and Jerome Gallenstein, THORLO’s Staff Certified & Licensed Pedorthist

  • Clinically shown to reduce foot pain and pressures.
  • Engineered padding strategically placed across the top of the toes to reduce the pressure, impact and friction forces that cause your foot to hurt.
  • Made with THOR-LON® acrylic yarn specially designed to wick moisture away from your foot and maintain its protective resiliency all day long.
  • Brand Promise Guarantee: Your feet will feel better or Thorlos will give you your money back*
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These are just a few who are experiencing less foot pain associated with hammertoes

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Socks for Hammer Toe Foot Pain

Minimizing those painful pressure points of hammertoes (hammer toe), mallet toes or claw toes can be accomplished by wearing Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS). Thorlos are made with specifically designed and engineered padding that is strategically placed to reduce the pressures, impact and friction forces that cause foot pain and blisters. Depending on the style, the padding is placed under the balls of the feet around and on top of the toes. Therefore Thorlos CTPS will absorb the impact, pressure and shear forces that adversely affect your hammertoe. This protection will result in profound foot comfort…a promise we back up with a 30 day guarantee*.

Thorlos CTPS padding protects and is a category of many socks for hammer toes or your hammer toe

Our most protective toe product (interior view of protective padding shown below) can be found in our Tennis line.

Inside-out sock showing padding on Thorlo's socks for hammer toe


Proper Footwear Fitting Is Essential !!!

Alleviating hammertoe foot pain will require a properly fitted and sized shoe. Shoe design is also critical. We recommend you wear footwear with a deep toe box (or one made out of stretchy neoprene fabric) and a foot insert or orthotic with metatarsal pads (to elevate the affected metatarsophalangeal joint) and toe bars (to elevate the tip of the affected toe so that it doesn’t crash down into the shoe). The combination of insert, shoe and the Thorlos CTPS padded Tennis sock will materially improve your foot comfort and hence your mobility.


Thorlos Padded Socks are Clinically-Tested

The padding in Thorlos CTPS is clinically shown to reduce:

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Thorlos Engineered Padding closeup


Understanding Your Hammertoes (hammer toe)

Like so many foot issues, hammertoes (hammer toe) typically occur as the feet attempt to adapt themselves to poorly designed and/or improperly fitted footwear. When your toe joints are caused to bend in abnormal directions and stay in those positions (usually because the tendons in those affected toes are holding them in those positions), you are said to have hammertoes (hammer toe). There are actually three variants of hammertoes (hammer toe), depending upon which of the joints are being affected. There are plain “hammertoes (hammer toe),” plus “mallet toes” and “claw toes.” In hammer and mallet toes just one of the joints is affected (the proximal joint in the hammertoe and the distal joint in the mallet toe); both joints are affected in the claw toe. These contractures typically develop in response to footwear issues, and they also may occur as a hereditary condition, foot affecting disease (e.g. arthritis) or in response to traumatic injury.

No matter which you have, the tip of the affected toe usually ends up with a callus forming on the tip of the toe where it contacts the shoe or ground below it, a corn (which is what we call a callus that forms on the dorsal (top) of the foot) usually forms on the prominent joint(s) that rise up and rub against the shoe, and a callus also usually forms under the metatarsophalangeal joint of the affected toe as abnormal pressure occurs there. At each pressure point – where the calluses or corns form – pain can always occur. The padding in Thorlos CTPS padded Tennis socks place padding to protect these pain causing pressure points.


30-DAY Brand Promise Guarantee

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*THORLO stands behind all its foot-protection products. Our 30-day brand promise: Your feet will feel better or your money back®!


Made in the USA

Thorlos are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about our craft and commitment to retaining our manufacturing in the USA, we invite you to watch our video entitled “An American Brand Story.”


Medical & Technical Content Review

The content on this page has been reviewed by:

  • Dr. Kevin Soden MD, THORLO’s Chief Medical Officer
  • Jerome Gallenstein, THORLO’s Staff Certified & Licensed Pedorthist

Remember; always consult your physician if you have pain, redness or other indications of problems in any area of your feet that persist for more than a few days.