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Padded Socks for Calluses


Calluses are not natural. Thorlos can help reduce the primary causes. The only thing you have to lose is rough, unsightly feet.

The content on this page has been reviewed by Dr. Kevin Soden MD, THORLO’s Chief Medical Officer, and Jerome Gallenstein, THORLO’s Staff Certified  & Licensed Pedorthis

  • Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS) are designed to reduce the friction, pressure and impact forces that may result in callus formation.
  • Thorlos engineered padding wicks moisture away from the foot, thereby maintaining an optimal environment for the skin of the feet (not too wet, not too dry). 
  • Thorlos® Brand Promise: Your feet will feel better or we’ll give you your money back.*
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Preventive Foot Health is the Cornerstone of Preventive Health

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How Thorlos CTPS Reduce the Chances of Calluses Formation

The Cause & Thorlos Role

Calluses are formed by a combination of friction, pressure and impact forces on the surface areas of the foot. The engineered padding in Thorlos CTPS is designed to reduce these forces, and thus the risk of calluses being formed.

The THORLON® acrylic fibers used in Thorlos padding wick moisture away from the foot thereby maintaining an optimal environment for the skin of the feet (not too wet, not too dry). Together, the friction-minimizing properties of Thorlos padding along with the moisture-management properties reduce the development of blisters, which often precede the formation of calluses.

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Thorlos CTPS strategically place engineered padding directly beneath the areas of the foot where many calluses form: below the toes, under the metatarsal bone heads in the ball of the foot and under/around the heels. The padding absorbs the friction, pressures and impact that negatively affect the feet.

If you’re already experiencing the discomforts of calluses, try a pair of Thorlos CTPS and see how much better they feel. You may even experience a reduction of calluses if you wear Thorlos CTPS for a while, allowing your feet to feel more supple and comfortable.


Thorlos CTPS are Clinically-Tested

The padding in Thorlos CTPS is clinically shown to reduce:


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How Calluses Form

In places where the outer layer of skin is exposed to stress (especially pressure and friction forces), the body adapts by forming a callus – a thickened area of skin that protects the exposed location. Importantly, foot calluses can be prevented with preventive foot health practices.

Since the feet carry our entire body weight when we are standing, walking or running, calluses can occur on nearly any part of the feet (although they usually occur next to or over bony prominences). They can vary in intensity from a mild callus to an ulcer under severe callus. Learn more about calluses by visiting The Institute for Preventive Foot Health.


Proper Footwear Fitting is Critical in Reducing Calluses Formation

Proper shoe fitting to ensure the right size is always important to foot health and comfort; it is especially important in avoiding calluses. The fundamental issue is in callus formation is a dynamic (moving) foot in a static shoe: As the feet go through a normal range of motion (flattening out, spreading and pushing off during walking and running), they are subjected to pressure points, shear force and friction from the shoes themselves (which are static and do not move with the feet). Proper footwear fitting will assure these issues are kept to a minimum.

We strongly recommend you learn how to get the best fit by watching our fitting video or reading our tips sheet.


Thorlos CTPS Brand Promise Guarantee

Try Now at No Risk to You. THORLO stands behind all its foot-protection products. Our brand promise: Your feet will feel better or your money back®!


Made in the USA

Thorlos are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about our craft and commitment to retaining our manufacturing in the USA, we invite you to watch our video entitled “An American Brand Story.


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Dr. Kevin Soden MD; THORLO’s Chief Medical Officer
Jerome Gallenstein; THORLO’s Staff Certified & Licensed Pedorthist

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