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  • 5/ 5

    Warm &" binding" ski socks

    02/19/15 | By

    Warm and snug

  • 3/ 5

    Thorlo’s XSKI Extreme Ski Socks, the BEST ever!!! Now discontinued :( Bring them back please!

    02/05/15 | By

    My feet are a U.S. Men’s Size: 10, medium to narrow with and I need good arch support and cushioning for comfort and to take up some volume for a good snug proper fit, I am an ex-Soccer player so I love a glove like fit regarding my footwear. I where Nikes sneakers, Asolo Hiking Boots, SIDI Cycling Shoes & Motorcycle Boots, and Atomic Ski Boots. Thorlo’s XSKI Extreme Ski Socks are #1 The BEST Ski Socks ever!!! BUT they have been Discontinued :( and again another one of my classic favorites the #2 SLW Ski Wool/Silk Socks have been discontinued :( If you need cushioning go with these, they are thick - great for loose ski boots. My favorite Ski/Winter socks have been discontinued so I am NOT happy at all and neither are my feet! I have owned and worn Thorlo’s SLW Ski Wool/Silk Socks for years they last and last. I also sold tons of them when I worked at a Ski, Snowboard & Boat Shop, that is the most important piece of gear when going skiing - a great pair of Thorlo’s. I am so bummed out that Thorlo just discontinued all my other favorite adventure socks :( listed below. Thorlo PLEASE bring my favorite socks back!!! Discontinued :( XSKI Extreme Ski Socks, Color: Charcoal/Black = Skiing, Shoveling Snow & Winter Motorcycling Awesomeness! Discontinued :( XWXU Experia Wool Silk Crew Socks, Color: Charcoal = Hiking, Fall/Winter Trail Running and Casual Awesomeness! Discontinued :( XCXU-12-073 - Experia Crew Socks, Color: Black/White = Spring/Fall Hiking, Spring/Fall/Winter Trail Running and Casual Awesomeness! WLTH Light Hiking Socks in Color: Charcoal Discontinued :( MADE In USA make me happy :) but Thorlo you guys keep discontinuing every pair of socks I love, what am I going to wear on my feet now???

  • 3/ 5

    LOVE these long socks, except for

    02/05/15 | By

    I love these knee-length ski socks and would normally give every Thorlo item a 5-star rating. Except a better design for the top needs to be created. After washing these socks only once, the threads begin to unravel and break free. I now have 4 pairs of these knee-high socks and each pair is unraveling at the top and they lose their ability to stay up. PLEASE come up with a new design! None of your other products do this - just these knee-high styles.

  • 5/ 5

    Diabetic, great socks for us.

    01/01/15 | By


  • 5/ 5

    My winter favorite

    12/19/14 | By

    I love these socks...I don't use them for winter sports, I just love the cushioning.

  • 5/ 5


    12/12/14 | By

    dry ... warm

  • 5/ 5

    a great sock for taller boot styles, like wellingtons

    06/20/14 | By

    i have an ancient pair of these socks (purchased for snowboarding) and like them very much. i recently purchased a pair of 11" tall wellington boots and found my conventional hiking socks too short -- i could feel the top edge of the boot on my bare skin. I thus purchased four pairs of these ski socks to deal with that. these are great socks . . . well made and nicely padded. if i had a criticism it would be that i have rather thin calves and the sock slides down after a while. It's not that they fit loosely, per se -- maybe that they simply aren't tight enough for my calf size. a small quibble. though they are not cheap, i would buy these socks again without reservation.

  • 5/ 5

    Really good sock for skiing

    03/07/14 | By

    The socks were a gift specifically requested due to their quality.

  • 5/ 5

    simply great

    02/26/14 | By

    They are so comfortable. Their not itchy like most wool socks. Their very breathable. I use email all the time even just around the house. I would seriously buy then again. And you can't beat the price.

  • 4/ 5

    Good socks, not as good as they used to be!

    02/03/14 | By

    I have a ten or twelve year old pair that were made of better material in the arches and back panel, and are still more comfortable and less itchy than the new, stretchy recycled synthetic material. Too bad the quality was compromised. Other than the poor quality material, the socks fit great with the right amount of tension in the arch and upper calf area.

  • 5/ 5

    warm and cozy

    01/31/14 | By

    Love the color, extra padding, warmth!

  • 5/ 5

    Best for surviving a cold, snowy and icy winter in Chicago

    01/22/14 | By

    Amazingly warm and comfortable during a challenging winter!

  • 5/ 5

    great for skiing

    01/22/14 | By

    These are gifts for my granddaughters. I guess they like them as they request them every year.

  • 5/ 5

    Warmest sock ever

    01/12/14 | By

    Cannot go wrong with any Thorlo ski sock

  • 5/ 5

    Great for skiing

    01/12/14 | By

    My feet stayed warm without any foot warmers!

  • 5/ 5

    Best socks for my tender-footed active 85-year old Dad

    01/09/14 | By

    My father is 85 and, as a depression-era child, worked every day of his life from a young age to when he retired in his early 70's. He started buying his own shoes before he was 10. As he has aged, his feet have become very sensitive. I have bought a pair or two of every brand of sock made, and these are the ones! I am grateful to be able to do something for my father who never needs or wants anything when it comes to receiving gifts. Thank you Thorlo.

  • 5/ 5

    Great for boot socks in cold weather!

    01/08/14 | By

    These socks keep you warm even in below freezing temps without causing your feet to sweat.

  • 5/ 5

    Great all around winter socks

    12/26/13 | By

    These socks are warm and stay up on my calm without falling down. Warm and soft. I got a bigger size and these are roomy without being tight. I only buy Thorlos.

  • 5/ 5

    Best cold weather socks!

    12/21/13 | By

    I got these socks for my daughter who works outside at the airport in cold weather. She needed something comfortable, warm and with shin protection. These socks have it all and she loves wearing them!

  • 5/ 5

    My go-to boot sock.

    12/19/13 | By

    I'm not an athlete, not a runner or cold weather lover, but these are the best socks to wear with tall boots. As a matter of fact I'm wearing them right now, the navy blue ones. I have tender feet and these provide great cushioning and warmth. And they look nice too!

  • 5/ 5

    120 Degrees

    12/18/13 | By

    I wear these socks all year round Weather I am Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks when it is 15 below or when it is 105 and I am cutting grass or other landscape work in NJ. These socks NEVER let me down. And that is the God's Honest truth...

  • 5/ 5

    Best ski socks

    03/22/13 | By

    So warm and the padding in wonderful for the dreaded ski boots. I am allergic to wool so its very hard for me to find good ski socks that i can actually wear. These are the best!

  • 5/ 5

    Great cold weather Socks


    I wear these for work. On the job all night long with temps at zero for weeks on end. These socks are comfortable and warm. They make up and are more comfortable than long underwear.

  • 3/ 5

    thorlo ski socks


    MY socks I love (the pink ski sock- with above average cushioning)~ My husband's coming apart at top of the black seam after wearing only once.

  • 5/ 5

    Padded and warm socks


    We needed padded socks for our ski binder boots, and these were very comfortable, padded, and warm.

  • 5/ 5

    The socks were wonderful.


    I don't ski but wore these socks to keep my legs and feet warm while on the mountain resort. They were so comfortable and warm I didn't want to take them off.

  • 5/ 5

    Comfortable, warm

    12/25/12 | By

    Work well as a warm boot sock when out with the horses. Not too bulky.

  • 5/ 5

    Warm and comfy socks


    These socks keep my feet warm while I walk dogs in MN winters. They provide a cushioning inside my boots.

  • 5/ 5

    Very good Sock!

    12/16/12 | By

    I bought a pair of these socks over at least 25 years ago for cross country sking, and am still wearing them! So I bought 3 more pairs for me and 1 pair for my bride. They are incredibly warm, in credibly durable and maintain their shape. My 25 year old socks still stay above the calf even after 3 or 4 hours of snow shoeing. I suspect my new ones will do the same.

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks

    12/14/12 | By

    Great socks, good compression and support.

  • 5/ 5

    Love them!


    Great fit, soft and warm. Also love the colors

  • 2/ 5

    don't stay up


    I bought several pair because my Thorlo dress boot sock stay up so well, these are very comfortable but don't stay up

  • 5/ 5

    From Skiing to Walking

    02/03/12 | By

    I have woren Thorlo socks since 1991 and had my first pair for over 10 years before they wore out. I order annually for myself at least 8 to 12 pairs. I give as a gift and long after the gift-giving I receive 'thank yous' for giving the best gift ever ~~ walking socks. Recently, I order these SKX-NEW Sk8i Socks and now wear them every day in the winter with my boots. My feet are never cold and the warmth is maintained for hours on end ~ all day long! I used to wear 2 to 3 pairs of knee hights in the winter just to keep my feet warm. The SKX socks not only keep my feet warm, my feet do not slide in the boot it is like walking on a cloud ~ even through the snow drifts and uneven side walks, and thru the cruncy snow. You have had a life-long cutomer since 1991. Well worth the money. Respecfully, Susan Dowhan

  • 5/ 5

    Help eliminate some boot problems


    As a former giant slslom racer and ski patrollman, now 64, I am always looking for improving comfort while retaining a snug fit for ski/edge control. I have tried everything from thin dress socks, to double pairs, to some people's favorite smart wool. I think these new Thorlo ski socks are probably the best "fit assist" solution yet, combined with a bit of custom boot fitting tricks, and they also seem to have eliminated an arch chafing issue I have had early in the season until my foot gets acclimated. I recommend trying the socks if you have an interest in any of the above items. I give them a 9/10 because there are 1/10 people who just don't like skiing in a thicker sock like these. I have no sponsorship or affiliation with Thorlo BTW. JG

  • 5/ 5

    Warm feet at their best


    My granddaughters have their order in for a pair each year for skiing. This year was their third. Still happy

  • 5/ 5

    Serious Sock Solutions

    01/17/12 | By

    My family made the decision to invest in Thorlo socks two years ago and it was the right one! Long lasting, great for your feet/comfort, perfect fit and quality all make it worth the price. I would highly recommend them.

  • 5/ 5

    My family loved these socks!

    01/12/12 | By

    I purchased these socks for my grandkids who snowboard, ski or just play in the snow. Kept the feet warm and just enough cushion where needed.

  • 5/ 5

    Love these socks for winter....


    Helps keep calfs warm... Use these mostly with steeltoe boots/shoes... I will buy some more of these... Thanks Thorlo for saving my feet... I've bought your socks for years & love they are MADE IN THE USA... :)

  • 5/ 5

    Good for winter


    Bought for my husband for winter disc golf. An excellent value!

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks!!

    12/30/11 | By

    I wear these socks when I go out to the barnyard in my rubber boots. I noted that my feet stayed much warmer.

  • 5/ 5

    feet warm all day


    These socks were great. I usually get cold feet after a few hours of skiing but these kept me toasty all day. The front padding on the shins is awesome. They also fit perfect around the arch so getting my boots on and off without any bunching was really appreciated.

  • 5/ 5



    These are the best keep my legs warm and toes

  • 5/ 5

    The Best Socks, Ever!!

    09/15/11 | By

    Your socks have saved my aging feet!

  • 5/ 5

    best socks for ski I've ever had!

    07/11/11 | By

    Thanks Thorlo for the great new design, new colors, comfort, arch support and softness of this new product. These socks are much better than the previous design, and are without doubt the best ski socks I've ever had!!!!

  • 5/ 5

    Best ski socks ever

    06/23/11 | By

    These are by far the best ski socks I've had. These are much better (softer and have better padding) than the previous SKX model. Thanks Thorlo for the great new product.

  • 5/ 5



    Perfect skiing socks. Not too thick at all; could actually be thicker. Very comfortable. Fits small feet very easily.

  • 5/ 5

    my new favorite sock :>

    05/30/11 | By

    feel so nice to the hand and on the foot!

  • 5/ 5

    Great SKI sock


    I have been using these socks to ski in for the last 11 years. I wouldn't use anything else. Great product and best of all, made in USA!

  • 5/ 5

    Most soft and comfortable sock I've ever owned!


    They are not too tight, but don't slide down your leg either. Keeps your feet and legs warm and dry! Wash and dry well, they don't lose their shape! Great purchase!

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks-small problem


    I ordered three pair of these socks to ski in. They are wonderfully soft and feel great. I really like them and will continue to wear them for years to come. However, I am having to return one pair that got a hole in them the first day they were worn. I am sure THORLO will replace them, but it was disappointing.

  • 5/ 5

    Great skiing socks!


    Great skiing socks!

  • 5/ 5

    Boot Socks

    03/26/11 | By

    I own custom-fitted ski boots and wavered between these socks and the next thinner version which are a blend of merino wool and silk. Well, these socks were a great choice. Not too thick, but very warm and ample cushioning. I've been wearing Thorlo trekking socks for years and find them to be superb for all-day comfort in work boots, hiking boots and casual shoes. My kids are huge fans of Smartwool, but I'm sticking with Thorlo

  • 5/ 5

    Superb customer service


    I recently got some socks and commented on this format reporting they did not fit as well as I hoped. The review was read and I had an email offering to exchange my socks without charge to me. I now have two new pair of these socks and do love them for the COLD weather. Your service is great!!

  • 5/ 5

    Keeps me very warm in very cold weather


    These socks definitely perform as advertised. They keep me feet and lower legs toasty warm in cold weather. They are so comfortable too. The cushioning is just the right amount for bouncing around, whether it's in the snow and ice or just around town. They are a fantastic value and I look forward to years of wear.

  • 5/ 5

    great socks


    these socks are great

  • 5/ 5

    Tried every ski sock on the market - Thorlo is still the best


    Have been using thorlo ski socks for years, and they remain without competition, not to mention they hold up to washing after washing.

  • 5/ 5

    Excellent fit for the larger shoe sizes


    Extremely comfortable. Fit my size 13 without stretching. Excellent sock.

  • 5/ 5

    Great sox even for people who have never wore ski boots.

    03/07/11 | By

    I work in thigh high steel toe Muck boots all day long, sometimes working in one to two inches of water or mud, 3 days a week. I had been wearing boot socks and thought they were doing a great job, But these socks put them to shame. The cushioning and padding has reduce to nothing the usual foot/leg fatigue and it is no longer a chore to complete a long day work.

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks


    Nice and cushy, kept my feet nice and warm in rental ski boots all week long.

  • 5/ 5

    Very warm and soft.

    02/07/11 | By

    I bought a pair of these socks for my pre-teen grandson. His comments: They are GREAT! I love them! Very warm and soft.

  • 5/ 5

    Kept us warm in Beaver Creek!


    I purchased the think cushion Thorlos for our whole family for our recent trip to Beaver Creek. They provided the perfect cushion and our feet were never cold!

  • 5/ 5

    Outside the Box


    This sock series goes far beyond its "ski" title. They are extremely comfortable for hiking and snowshoeing here in Alaska.

  • 5/ 5

    Warm socks!


    Kept my feet comfortable. Will buy again. Gave them as gifts - all loved them!

  • 5/ 5

    Soft spots right where I need them


    Great socks for my tired old feet. The extra cushion is perfect in my ski boots.

  • 5/ 5

    Very warm!


    I have terrible RayNaud's and my feet are ALWAYs cold. This was the first time I skied without liners (still used toe warmers) and my feet actually sweat. They're awesome. But may be too warm for some.

  • 5/ 5

    Even tho I don't ski...


    I ordered these for me and loved them for the cold weather. We live on a farm. I like them so much, so I ordered some for my husband. What is so great about Thorlo is that they can fit my ladies size 5 foot and my husband's size 12 1/2. Ordinary one size fits all socks can feel miserable when you have a small foot or at the other end your foot is a really big one. Thanks Thorlo!

  • 5/ 5

    Happy feet & toes!


    The whole family loves Thorlo socks. When da feet are happy & warm, the whole body is happy & warm! In addition to ski socks, we own Thorlos for other activities-tennis, running & walking.

  • 5/ 5



    I bought them as a present for my son who said he wished he could wear a brand new pair every day!

  • 5/ 5

    We love your socks.

    01/19/11 | By

    I wear your Everyday Outdoor Socks but it is becoming a tradition that each Xmas I buy select members of my family Thorlos. They are their favorite socks by far. We live in Maine so the over-the-calf socks are perfect for wearing in the winter - so luxurious...

  • 5/ 5

    Awsome Ski Sock


    Best Ski Sock to date for me. Warm and very comfortable. My local ski shop has almost no ski socks but a lot of board socks. I do not like the board socks as the padding is in all the wrong places. I have to order these on line but that is OK! Dave Burley, ID

  • 5/ 5

    The Best Ever!

    01/15/11 | By

    These socks are the best ski socks ever! They are the only ones my husband will wear. He wears them on a daily basis to keep his feet warm, not just for skiing!

  • 5/ 5

    Super comfy.


    They are warm.

  • 5/ 5

    repeat customer


    this was a return visit for my family. Everyone dearly loves these socks. We live in the mountains near a ski resort and really appreciate the quality these sock afford us. thanks!

  • 5/ 5

    Love these socks and I don't ski


    Bought 4 pairs of these for the winter and live in them every day without fail from morning till night. You will definitely find me doing laundry on the 3rd day just so I always have a pair to wear. Should have bought more but they are pricey...however so worth the money!!! I live in Jersey where it has been bitter cold and these socks, keep my feet so warm especially out walking the dogs!

  • 5/ 5

    Best socks


    I plow snow in the winter and these socks keep my feet warm and dry all day the best i have found.

  • 2/ 5

    Not warm enough for wearing in snow

    01/12/11 | By

    I thought these ski socks would keep my feet warm in my boots in snow. We had about 4" of snow yesterday, I got out riding 4 wheeler with grandchildren and making feet were freezing. I don't know how they would be good for snow skiing when my feet were cold just wearing them in the snow for an hour or so. Would probably be ok for wearing in cold dry weather.

  • 2/ 5

    not worth the $


    Just got back from Breck. Bought these socks for the entire family-8 pairs. I was not impressed. Not very cushy...or warm. We all had to double up this year...which is what we were trying to avoid with the new socks. As we all know, it's never a good idea to wear 2 pairs of socks. We were all disappointed, unfortunately.

  • 5/ 5

    Awesome ski socks


    These kept my feet warm inside the ski boots, never needed any foot warmers. The cushion helped my shins and ankles inside the boots as well.

  • 5/ 5

    Foot Savers!

    12/30/10 | By

    Perfect for the beating your feet and ankles take in ski boots!

  • 5/ 5

    Best socks for cold weatehr


    These socks are very warm and I like them alot!!

  • 5/ 5

    husband loves the socks


    Love the socks.

  • 5/ 5

    super comfy


    I love these socks and will definitely be getting more!

  • 5/ 5


    12/17/10 | By

    I'm certain that when I go to heaven and get to walk on the clouds this is what it is going to feel like. Without a doubt the BEST ski socks I have ever owned. They keep my feet dry, warm, and comfortable the entire day. If you don't own these socks yet, you should.

  • 5/ 5

    I've always loved them

    12/15/10 | By

    I tend to live in boots. These socks are the best I've ever tried for comfort, fit and feel. They're the perfect height and thickness for the boots I wear. I've been wearing them for years and don't ever see myself switching.

  • 5/ 5

    not just for skiing


    LOVE the feel of these socks and the look as colors and toasty tootsies...what more could you ask for????

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