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  • 3/ 5

    Crunch toes, but soft on feet



  • 5/ 5

    Best Socks Ever!


    They feel great! So, so comfortable.

  • 5/ 5

    Perfect! Like all other Thorlo socks


    I have been wearing Thorlo socks for over 18 years, and these are another example of socks made perfectly for whatever you do. Best fit in the industry - hands down. I have some Thorlos that have lasted almost 10 years - and these seem of that same quality. It's the only brand of sock I wear - period. Thanks for making my feet feel amazing!

  • 5/ 5

    running socks


    I was first introduced to the socks through my husband. He had been wearing them for years and we just recently got married and we were talking one night, I am in the medical field and I was saying how my feet hurt by the end of my shift. So he suggested that I try the socks. Well I tried them and now I won't buy any other socks. They are so comfortable/and well worth the price. Try them and you will see the difference. Tina K

  • 5/ 5

    Great Socks!


    I bought these as a gift for my husband. He loves them.

  • 5/ 5

    All Thorlo socks are great


    I buy my kids a few Thorlo socks every Christmas. The ones I have for myself last forever, so eventually all their socks will be Thorlos!

  • 4/ 5

    I like these socks, but they shrink


    I do like these socks, but I have to stretch them before each time that I use them. (I'm size 13 feet, and these socks are sized for 12-14.)

  • 5/ 5

    Love these socks - I'll never understand wicking


    I love these socks, they feel great and they make my day better. Thorlos is a great company to support, they stand behind their product, which by the way is an amazing product. I'll never understand 'wicking' because this type of material always leaves my feet sweating. When I take them off after normal daily activity my feet are damp and need to dry out. (100% Cotton socks don't do this) I was a tiny bit disappointed with my online purchase because in store anytime you buy 12 you get a "bakers dozen". So I added 12 to my cart ($180 worth of socks) and no bakers dozen. I tried adding 13 to see if that worked- didn't. I included a note in my order of "Bakers Dozen?" But that was overlooked. I was really looking forward to that extra sock for buying 12.

  • 5/ 5

    Great for walking and running


    These really help with blisters.

  • 4/ 5

    Great running socks


    Has great cushion while running.

  • 5/ 5

    Make a sock liner!


    When will Thorlo make a sock liner? Sperry, Polo and other labels are selling sock liners to wear with boat shoes or other lightweight loafers so that no sock is visible. These brands are rather thin/lightweight. A thicker Thorlo version would be well received.

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks!


    I just love Thorlos! Try will too!

  • 5/ 5

    My new favorites


    These socks are excellent. I have other running socks but I like these ones the best. Get them.

  • 5/ 5

    Perfect fit


    They will not crumple into your sneaker as you exercise.

  • 4/ 5

    Great socks ... but I cannot figure out which ones to order online!


    I love your socks. They are great. My favourites for running. However, every time I try to order online I wind up ordering something that is not exaclty what I am looking for. I wanted a little bit more ankle coverage/height, but it is not clear exactly which product is which. Clearer descriptions, especially as related to height of sock above a running shoe line would be very helpful.

  • 5/ 5

    only running socks my son-inlaw has ever worn.


    Only running socks my son-in-law has ever worn and he runs marathons as well as running many miles each week.

  • 5/ 5

    There is no other!


    Iam considered to be a heavy long distance runner (1-4 hrs 5 day per week) with heel and forefoot pain and a heavy sweater. I would keep blister on my feet from wearing the bargen cotten socks. While training with my partner for about year she got tried of me always complaining and not making my run times. She said stop being cheap and buy the thorlo's. I did in about a month the blister where gone, it has been 11 years and 4o to 80 miles week no blisters. Now I'am looking for a for mini crew for coldweather (20 degrees) cycling. Shawn B

  • 5/ 5

    Great running socks


    These are great for running. They are the most comfortable I've worn. No blisters or other problems.

  • 5/ 5

    Best socks ever!


    Good padding, fit well and stay that way ... almost forever. These socks just don't wear out - they're amazing. Highly recommended.

  • 4/ 5

    very comfortable but order size bigger


    excellent and very confortable but order a size bigger. too tight.

  • 5/ 5

    Best Socks EVER!


    Everyone in our family wears Thorlo scoks, we love them. And the Customer Service is Excellent!

  • 5/ 5

    great socks, runs small


    I wear 9.5 shoes but the sock size recommended didn't fit, cramped my toes and slide down the heel when wearing. I exchanged for the next larger size and they're great.

  • 4/ 5

    Watch the sizes


    Great socks, but I ordered the size that goes to 10. I wear a size 10, and these are too small. I will order the next size up next time. Too bad because I ordered 4 pair of these.

  • 2/ 5

    Thorlo light mini crew


    I am a long time Thorlo consumer. I love the product. For a runner, the support, durability and comfort cannot be found in other products on the market. This year, rather than my automatic purchase of the thick cushioned catagory, I tried the Light weight offerings, in both regular crew and mini crew. My experience, after about a month of testing, I can state without hesitation the lightweight crew has at the very least met my high expectations, wich the brand delivers time and again. The lightweight mini crew was a problem. I purchased the same size as the regular crew, which has been my norm with the thick cushioned line. I purchased 5 pair and after a number of runs, my experience is that the sock rides down when running and shortly creeps down to the level that is uncomfortable, and dictates an unscheduled stop. In my humble opinion the mini size spec needs an adjustment. I am not a product engineer, nor do I represent myself as a textile expert, however, as a long term runner and Thorlos always cushioning my rides over the years, the mini in my humble opinion does not fit. I therefore give the product a thumbs down, but remain extremely loyal to the brand that has been my partner for thousands of runs. Thank you for the medium to express my opinion. Michael Culang

  • 1/ 5

    Too low for wide, size 14 feet


    Got bad blisters from shoes rubbing on heels. Exchanged for JMX style, which I love.

  • 5/ 5

    My son-in-law's running socks


    The socks were purchase for my sil and he loves them. Great, great socks!! Highest recommendation!! S Rusk

  • 5/ 5

    Awesome for golf!


    great socks!

  • 5/ 5

    Really works. No blisters!


    I absolutely love these socks. Best socks I ever had. I got blisters from my old socks but not from the new thorlos. Really works.

  • 5/ 5

    Comfortable and cushy!


    These socks are like an extra layer of support in my shoe.

  • 5/ 5

    I wouldn't run in anything else!


    Comfort and durability - what more can you ask for? After picking up my first pair a few years ago I'm hooked. No other sock I've worn comes close.

  • 5/ 5

    Great socks for those not so cool days


    LOve all Thorlo running socks

  • 5/ 5

    Excellent Product


    The socks are excellent. They wear well and are very comfortable.

  • 5/ 5

    best workout/ every day socks ever


    what more can I say. Been wearing thorlo's for 20 years. Would never wear anything else. Tried other, but only come back to thorlos. keep up the good work

  • 5/ 5

    so cushiony!


    Love the low profile! Wish more of your socks came in larger sizes...I have a size 15 foot!

  • 5/ 5

    Running in pure comfort


    I never gave much thought to the impact that my socks were having on my speed and endurance, but I found a noticeable upgrade in my comfort level in the LCRM, and that my splits were faster when I wore them.

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