Help find a cure with Thorlos pink padded walking socks

How we handle your donation

Thorlo's 2015 Breast Cancer Initiative

Unofficial Sponsor of All Good Causes™

THORLO will donate $1 to the breast cancer fund of the customer’s choice for each pair of Everyday Walking and Distance Walking clinically-tested padded socks sold in 2015. A sticker will be placed on each package shipped in 2015 that reads: WE WILL DONATE $1 PER PAIR – Tell us where to contribute your $1 at - Enter code: XY123456.

To allow each consumer to choose for themselves, THORLO created, where consumers can designate which cancer organization receives their dollar donation for each pair purchased.

Each organization listed on our donation site has agreed to become a beneficiary of THORLO’s 2015 Cancer Initiative. There will not be any formal contract signed between Thorlos/THORLO and the cancer organizations listed on our donation site. The use of any of the cancer organization’s name, logo, or link on is with permission. If there has not been approval, the cancer organization’s information will not appear on our donation site. Each breast cancer fund listed has provided THORLO with verification of their 501(c)(3) status and a copy of their annual report from the previous year. It is THORLO's intent to begin a longstanding relationship with each organization as we raise more money and awareness for the cancer cause.

The THORLO 2015 cancer initiative is not exclusive to any single organization, and the $1 per pair to each fund listed will be based on the total donation designations during calendar year 2015 by consumers who go to the THORLO webpage designated on the product package.

By February 15, 2015, checks will be issued to each fund based on the dollars designated to their organization by consumers. The sum of all checks will total $1 for every invoiced pair of Thorlos Everyday Walking and Distance Walking products sold via retail and through from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015. A team from THORLO will assign the undesignated amount to one or more of the participating cancer funds at the team’s discretion.

There is an escrow account in place that receives $1.00 for each pair as sold. This is to ensure that these monies are at all times separated from THORLO’s operational funds. THORLO will create a year-end report of sales for the Everyday Walking and Distance Walking products that will also include the exact amount of donation dollars distributed to each of the cancer funds. THORLO will publish this information on beginning February 15, 2015.

When the consumer comes to our site to designate the fund they wish to receive their donation, we will offer the opportunity for the donor to send an ecard to someone they wish to honor with their donation. The ecard will be sent to the honoree or their loved one notifying them of the donation placed in their name. The donor can also add a personal note to send with their ecard. This recipient’s name and email address will not be added to any database.

For more information about THORLO’s 2015 Cancer Initiative, please feel free to contact Anita Payne with any questions you may have at