Support and Protect Breast Cancer Survivors with Thorlos

THORLO supports a number of breast cancer charities through the passion of our loyal customers. Rather than donating directly to a specific charity, we donate a dollar from the sale of every pair of pink clinically-tested padded Thorlos we sell. When you buy our clinically-tested pink padded Thorlos, you can designate the charity you would like your money to go to by clicking here

We’ve designed two pink padded Thorlos: the Distance Walker, designed for those who experience foot pain or want to prevent foot conditions when walking in cause events or distance walks—and the Everyday Walker, designed for walkers whose feet don’t hurt. By wearing these Thorlos, participants in these philanthropic endeavors will enjoy the best possible foot protection during training for an event, and during and after the event itself. This can only enhance the emotional connection they experience by participating in these worthwhile endeavors.

Over the past years, we have raised and contributed $201,043 to breast cancer charities. In 2014, we raised an additional $33,101 With your help, we will continue our efforts throughout 2015. So far we have raised $4,238

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