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Thorlos® Announces Sponsorship of MomsTEAM®

April is National Foot Health Month

Statesville, NC (April, 1, 2015):  Spring is now in full swing and so are youth school/club sports.   Athletic participation, particularly among children, not only promotes their physical and emotional well-being but also fosters a lifelong habit of exercise.   Although the benefits of athletic activity are important, too much activity and/or not wearing the proper protective equipment can lead to injury.   Young athletes’ bodies are still growing; therefore, they are at a greater risk for injuries than adults.  Subsequently, sports injuries can potentially inhibit their growth and may lead to long-term health problems.

Speaking of health, April is recognized as National Foot Health Awareness month.  The feet are considered to be our individualized launching pads; therefore, it is critically important that they are protected in sports.   When we walk, the pressure on our feet exceeds our body weight, and when we're running, it can be three or four times our weight.  Perhaps that’s why there are over 25,000 foot/ankle related injuries reported each day in the United States.

In time for National Foot Health Month, THORLO, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be a sponsor of the MomsTEAM Institute of Youth Sports Safety resource;, the premier on-line youth sports information gateway providing advice and education to over 90 million parents. This includes communicating to parents, coaches and athletic trainers the importance of, and behaviors associated with, preventive foot health in children’s sports so the entire family can enjoy what kids' athletics are all about.  THORLO is the inventor of padded foot protection (socks) for specific activities and a leader in the preventive foot health business. Most styles of Thorlos have been clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture, thus providing the feet with the healthiest environment possible. 

“I firmly believe that the only pieces of clothing we wear that truly are vital to our health and well-being are our socks and shoes,” offers MomsTEAM Institute Executive Director, Brooke de Lench.  “Nothing compares to a great pair of socks.”  “We know that feet are critical for life and look forward to working with MomsTEAM,” adds Thorlos founder Jim Throneburg.  “We have evolved into the relationship business that provides premier foot protection rather than a sock company.”

The Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH) will also be recognized by MomsTEAM as the primary source of all preventive foot health content, who will also provide an integrated approach for family foot care and review issues that are specific to children such as protecting growth plate injuries.

About THOR●LO, Inc.

THORLO Inc., based in Statesville, North Carolina, is the inventor of padded socks for specific activities and a leader in the preventive foot health business.  Thorlos offers a variety of products that are designed for feet that hurt as well as those that do not hurt.  It is the only brand that offers clinically tested padded foot protection that reduces blisters, reduces pain, reduces pressures and reduces moisture.  THORLO’s purpose and passion is to encourage everyone to embrace life and experience it to its fullest. Thorlos knows that feet are critical for life, millions of people’s feet are hurting and that no two feet are the same; therefore, they take the time necessary to listen and understand individuals’ situations. For more information, visit,

About MomsTEAM

MomsTeam Institute of Youth Sports Safety, Inc. a Massachusetts non-profit organization is an advocacy, educational and watchdog group for young athletes with a mission of providing youth sports stakeholders with comprehensive, practical information and best practice resources to keep all children safe physically, psychologically, and sexually while playing sports.

MomsTeam Institute provides a comprehensive well-researched online information resource; launched in 2000 by a group of leading experts, has become a most trusted source of sports information, widely recognized as the top website of its kind for athletes, sports parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and other health care professionals about all aspects of the youth sports experience. and

About IPFH

The Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH) is a non-profit private foundation committed to raising awareness about the importance of caring for the feet through education, research and the identification of methods demonstrated by clinical research to prevent, treat and manage painful conditions and diseases affecting the feet, mobility, functional status and quality of life. For more information, visit

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